Reflex provides modern solutions in heating, cooling and solar equipment. It is a part of the Winkelmann Group—a holding with trading offices all around the globe.

Winkelmann Group’s companies focus on two production areas: the automotive parts manufacturing and installation industry, mainly production of Reflex brand diaphragm expansion vessels which are purchased by companies like Bosch-Junkers, Vaillant, Viessmand, Buderus or Wolf. Reflex is the largest manufacturer of such vessels in Europe.

Since 2011 Horsefield has been providing professional marketing communications services support for the Reflex brand as well as supporting Winkelmann’s employer branding.


We support the marketing communications of the brand.

We assure the consistency of the Polish materials which we create per global guidelines but with Polish industry specific nature in mind.

That the main rebranding of Reflex, involving all the communications channels, was developed and implemented by one of our Global Communications Network Partners – Germany-based agency, Schlasse.

The communications keynote included in the Thinking Solutions claim is reflected in the materials that we create in cooperation with the Client.

The main service areas focus on publishing: Polish editions of various materials, catalogues as well as supporting any current needs of the company.

Edit and publish a company newsletter for one of the group’s companies.

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