/ Chicago

19 December 2011, MTA

Our „transatlantic” GCN meeting, hosted by Chicago-based Rhea&Kaiser agency, took place in late August/early September.

The Windy City welcomed us with a truly Mediterranean weather. The whole conference was equally hot. First part of the meeting was held in the Rhea&Kaiser’s Chicago office, the second—in their headquarters in Naperville, Illinois, and the final part was an outdoor one as we went to the Progress City trade show to take part in „Farm Progress” fair.

What’s up? Information management—that’s what matters!

Communications has matured. There can be no marketing communications without new technologies. We are, in fact, witnessing how the information society envisioned by Professor Wojciech Cellary of Poznan University of Economics, is becoming real. Those companies who master the information management are gaining the advantage. It doesn’t really matter whether it’s a crop protection producer, a fashion brand or a university—what does matter is providing the right message to the right audience. That’s why almost all GCN agencies are including mobile apps to their offers same rule applying to Horsefield, who presented its brand new service under a catchy slogan „We mobilize for you.”

The meeting was a great occasion to share experiences and for discussion. And in the evening, we would dive right into the lively streets of the city, vibrant with cultural events. And even though America lies all the way across the ocean, we all felt the global village’s rhythm.

Next year’s meeting will be held in Poland again and it will be an opportunity to celebrate 20 years of our agency. Book your calendars now, because we’re preparing some really interesting events!