Spain / Sewilla

From the 18th to 20th November we all met in Seville, the capital city of the Spanish Andalusia region. We were welcomed by almost Arctic chill which didn’t take its toll on us only thanks to the warm welcome we received […]

Netherlands / Amsterdam

From the 21st to 23rd May, a GCN marketing communications agencies meeting was organized in Amsterdam. The first day of the conference began with our own Mikołaj Bleja’s presentation who introduced our company and specifics of its business and projects […]

Poland / Poznań

A conference of agencies associated in GCN took place on the 6th and 7th of May 2004. We organized and hosted the meeting. This choice wasn’t a random one—the date coincided with Poland’s accession to the European Union. The main […]

Sweden / Malmö

From the 19th through 21st May 2005, hosted by Söner & Co agency, another Global Communications Network conference was held, this time in Malmö, Sweden. The forum included marketing communications agencies from France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland ( and USA. […]

Italy / Milan

The conference in Milan took place on the 15th and 16th of June and was hosted by our partner agency Esprithb from Italy. This year’s meeting was dominated by changes—two of the agencies (including ours) showed their own rebranding projects. […]

Germany / Berlin

The GCN agencies’ meeting was held on the 30th and 31st of October in Berlin and was hosted by Schlasse für Kommunikation agency. Yet again, we spent two days, exchanging experiences and the results of our day-to-day work. Each of […]

Uk / York

Another city to host a Global Communications Network conference was York, England and the event was led by Colbear agency, which—on behalf of the partner agencies from Poland, England, Germany, the Netherlands, USA, Italy, Sweden and Spain—had the honor to […]

France / Tuluza

From the 11th to 13th November, 2009, a GCN meeting took place in Toulouse, France. The meeting was hosted by our French partner—Hickory agency. Catering for what both body and mind need, our hosts moderated discussions and agency presentations with […]

USA / Chicago

Our „transatlantic” GCN meeting, hosted by Chicago-based Rhea&Kaiser agency, took place in late August/early September. The Windy City welcomed us with a truly Mediterranean weather. The whole conference was equally hot. First part of the meeting was held in the […]

Poland / Poznań

We extend the reach of brands! This was the motto of another conference of Global Communication Network (GCN)—an independent group of marketing communications agencies, which took place on the 20th and 21st of September. Having a strong brand may lead […]